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* The Image of the Child -- Children are viewed as competent, curious, full of knowledge, potential, and interested in connecting to the world around them.

* Many Languages -- Children act on a variety of materials: clay, wire, drawing media, paper, and so on. They learn the ABC's of each material which they use to express their ideas, theories and feelings about the world in which they live.

* Teachers as Partners -- Teachers are viewed as facilitators of children's learning experiences. As partners, they listen, document, challenge, and organize children's learning in a collaborative relationship with other colleagues.

* The Three Subjects of Education -- Children, parents and teachers have rights; the right to safety, care and welfare, the right to be involved and the right to grow professionally.

* An Emergent Learning Process -- Ideas are shared, work is exchanged and opportunities are created to extend and build upon theories that are uncovered. In this way of working, projects may occur which last days or months.

* Collaboration and Interaction -- Children, parent and teacher collaboration and interaction at all levels makes everything possible.

* The Role of Parents -- Parents are an essential component of the school. They are an active part of their children's learning experiences and help to ensure the welfare of all the children in the school.

* Documentation -- The learning process between children and teachers is captured, made visible and then shared in order to support wondering, researching and learning among teachers and children.

* The Role of the Environment -- Through the conscious use of space, color, light, displays of children's work, and attention to nature and detail, the environment serves as another teacher.

* Time -- Time is influenced by the interests and activities that the children bring to life within the school. This in turn impacts schedules, groupings and

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